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Welcome to Oxide Flooring

Oxide flooring is introduced in kerala by Portugeese and Italian pathiris who come to indiafor merchandise and to spread Christianity . It is said to be they practiced Christians in pavaratty the plaster, cement and oxide works and some of such families are still renowned experts in these works. The first oxide flooring was done at pavaratty,a small village in Thrissur district.

Why Oxide Flooring
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The term oxide technically refers to the fine powdered form of iron oxide, a non-flammable inorganic compound found in nature a mineral, which emits no hazardous emissions. The material can also be produced in bulk by laboratory controlled factory processes. In a way, we owe the material to the science of chemistry. Oxides added with color pigments to obtain variety of colors. In tamilnadu oxide used on walls instead of paint and it seems to be less costly.